Dancing Hoofs

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   February 21, 2014.  This is the start of a new blog that deals with primarily the personalities and behavioral issues that people have with their four-legged friends.  There will be a major focus on how different personalities of the person can actually ruin a relationship, because the equine's personality is not understood as a unique individual.  Every horse, mule, pony, burro, and donkey is born under an individual set of influences, so it is reasonable to ascertain that these influences dictate their behavior to a large extent.

     As time goes on, more insights will be added and ruminations from other are welcome.  I want this to be your for understanding the ways you can have the relationship you want with your equine partner.  Most of the time, it simply requires spending more time doing things with them, but it also involves the quality aspect, too.  Many of the abuse videos I have seen show trainers and those who sore Tennessee Walking horses spending much time with their charges, but I doubt very much that it counts as quality. When I refer to quality time, I mean the type that establishes the type of relationship where the companion would defend you in a crisis and stand by you, just as you would for him or her.  I doubt that the abusers have that type of relationship, which is unfortunate; there is nothing like being connected in a relationship with another sentient being. 

     Until next time, thank you for listening and I'll get the hang of this 'blogging' thing yet!!  Meanwhile, study the way the equine's brain works; this tells quite a bit on how they perceive their environment, which includes the environment of US!